Montag, 15. April 2013

Christ - Antichrist - False Prophet

It seems as if John Lennon and Prince William could have been twin brothers of Christ.
They are equally popular nowadays. 

John Lennon as the composer of world's most famous pop song "Imagine".
Prince William as the heir to the throne of the British Common Wealth, comprising 1/6 of earth's land mass.

John Lennon: "We're more popular than Jesus Christ."
Prince William: Son of most popular figures of modern times: The Royal Family of England.

Their childhoods were equally dramatic: 
John Lennon lost his mother Julia Lennon in a car accident on 15.07.1958 at age 17.
Prince William lost his mother Princes Diana in a car accident on 31.08.1997 at age 15. 

Prince William secretly may be accusing his father and grand mother to have given the order to kill his mother Princess Diana.

"False Prophet"? 

John Lennon's philosophy is atheistic-communistic. He had become New Born Christian but was eventually turned back to the "dark side" by his wife, black magician Yoko Ono.

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